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Creative Assistant


We engage in interdisciplinary and inquiry-based units of study. Students grapple with the complexity of systems thinking to create dynamic and socially just solutions to our world’s known and unknown challenges. We spark students' interests, cultivate their creative abilities, and provide opportunities to apply future-now skills.

Our girls receive an exclusive educational community that equips them to see the connections between culture, technology, math, science, and entrepreneurship to act as solution-aries for an evolving social and professional landscape.


htm.elle exists to break down these barriers and catalyze a young woman’s entrepreneurial journey. We are the only nonprofit organization that incubates and accelerates young women ventures into success. 


Our vision is an ecosystem where every girl, regardless of the zip-code they grew up in, has the opportunity to participate in and thrive in the entrepreneurial economy. As a result, our communities and workplaces would see a growth in female-founded business, female executives, and female leaders representing broad perspectives and sectors of society.

Work Included: Illustration, Social Media Content Creation and Marketing

Caylin Perry

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