Business Innovation Factory (BIF)

LunaYou App Illustrations


Pregnancy isn't always easy and sometimes you need a little support. 

That's why BIF created LunaYou. Together with a wellbeing coach, women will uncover what motivates them and learn to set realistic goals that will put women at the center of their pregnancy. The LunaYou program runs throughout pregnancy, and during the first three months after a baby is born.

Work Included: Art Direction, Character Development, Illustration, Logo Update, Icon Design, Social Media Content Creation and Marketing, GIF Creation 

Materials Used: ​​

  • Adobe Draw App

  • Adobe Illustrator 

  • Adobe Photoshop

Process: ​​

  • Sketch in Draw

  • Create Vectors in Illustrator

  • Color Adjustments in Photoshop (as needed)​

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